Welcome to the site of the workshop of Jullian Bauduin

After several years devoted to the tuning and maintenance of pianos for many clients and institutions, my interest and my passion for period instruments have led me to fully dedicate my time tothe restoration of harpsichords and pianofortes.

These fragile instruments sometimes suffer for years, frequent transport and frequent use, as well as the lack of conservation and restoration that are required.

Manufactured with talent by their designers, these instruments deserve a second chance. In collaboration with the client, my goal is to give back to these instruments a new lease of life, while retaining the characteristics that are unique to them. I always try to use the most authentic materials as well as restoration techniques that respect the work of my colleagues.

My harpsichord and pianoforte tuning allowed me to meet:
Olivier Baumont, Béatrice Martin, Françoise Lengellé, Michel Kiener, Maud Gratton, Jean Rondeau, Aline Zylberajch, Martin Gester, François-René Duchâble, Edouard Ferlet, Jean-François Zygel
The exchanges that I have with these passionate  and enthusiastic musicians bring an additional richness to my profession of harpsichord maker.